Why One Shouldn’t Watch Sports… Ever.

I seem to have a bad karma on the sport that I’m watching and the results seem to fair a little better when I am away doing something else.

For example, recently Tottenham played Birmingham, I knew the match was on, but I had more important things to do, like drink a few Long Island in a noisy bar, something that I seem to be doing more than I really should or would like to be doing, but that’s not important.  What is important is the fact as soon as I turned my attention to the game Birmingham equalized.  In three minutes of watching Tottenham gone from dominating the game to allowing a turgid Birmingham side to slot one home.  At the end of the game the commentators, alas Lineker, Shearer and Hanson proceeded to describe how well Tottenham had played through most of the game until the 91st minute when Mr. Rigdewell popped up and bundled a terrible ball over the line!

My theory is that it has nothing to do with the players, it has nothing to do with the management, and it has nothing to do with the conditions of the pitch or with how quickly the Tottenham players get when defending!  No, the simple fact is that I am a jinx and should be forbidden from watching any sport at anytime. If sport is on the TV I should be made to stay away from it.

This is not theory ladies and gentlemen! No, this is hard, concrete, solidified, un-sterilised and un-neutered fact!  That’s why Andy Murray lost to Federer (again!), why England lost to South Africa at cricket and why my Cat died almost three years ago!!


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