Why it is Great to be Alive.

When we wake up every day, look out the window and come rain or shine, there is always a glow in our hearts and a beam across our face.  Our mind is free and clear of worry and whoever is in our lives we love and cherish.  The people who we don’t want from us and they, who in turn do not want from us.

Our friends and our family are so important that from time to time we may forget their value and their worth.  We may forget their essence and we may forget the feeling they bestow upon us.  We may from time to time exploit them and from time to time drag them down into the gutters that we, from time to time are in.

I think that every once in a while we should, nay, we must let them know and show them that they are in our thoughts and in our life.  I think that if we share our happiness with other people even a complete and total stranger, then maybe, just maybe we can make a difference and change the world into a better place.

Stories in the news and on TV are dominated and plagued by hatred, violence, terrorism, murder, crime, poverty, alienation, condemnation, domination, damnation.  There is never any deviation from this crazy nation!  Occasionally, and it is a sporadic and minute occurrence that in the news there is a story about something great, something joyous and a story to raise the spirits and sink the depression.  We find then that, as a nation, as a land, as a commonwealth, as a civilisation and as an existence we become happier and for a brief moment satisfied unified.

It is the job and the honour of people in the centre circles of fame and power who should be doing more and more to advocate love.  We need to see the politicians, the businessmen and women, sports personalities, music superstars, film actors and actresses, Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers, them and us and you and me standing up for and defining the generation of peace and prosperity.

The way and the only way to solve the world’s problems are to listen to the other person.  Then by working together we can form an understanding of their woes and their troubles, rather than just assuming and theorising that we know best, we clearly don’t know best!

It is said that money is the root of all evil? You knows…
Society is focused around money and money can and will only make our problems worse, even though our great religions try and teach us that we should live the life of an honest man and that money cannot be taken with us when we push the button for that great elevator in the sky!

Why then do we desire and hurt whoever stands in our way of us obtaining and proclaiming it.  Perhaps, if just for a moment we stopped and considered who would be set to lose in your attempt to gain more money and if for that moment you didn’t focus on gaining, but instead focused on balancing and being fair to that person and showing compassion and restraint and just giving a break to them.  If we took ourselves out of the “bigger is better” mould and looked at the weak and the fragile and found a way of making their lives a little easier and a little less traumatic and alarming, we could perhaps be on our way to being greater sons and daughters of this world.


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