Reality TV’s Real Purpose

It has been a political hot potato for as long as people have been having children.  How the hell do you deal with the rotten oiks when they don’t listen nor do a bloody thing anyone else says.  Whether you try to be a fun-loving parent or a hip, cool and stylish teacher chances are those in the 13-19 year-old bracket will think you’re as uncool as… well maybe that’s the point I’m trying to make, I can’t even suggest anything that is cool, because these rascals will throw it back in my face!  Even if you try to be cool in front of them, they’ll just stab you, take your wallet and spend your money on getting dreadlocks!

Anyway, the point I think I’m trying to make is that there is a solution to these riotous ruffians, and it is something that I think will entertain both sides of this regatta of controversy.  I think my proposition should be taken up by government and sold to the rest of the world, with me as the Simon Cowell of the mix… But from the outset though this should only involve those ungovernable, lawless, vicious, those ‘gosh-darn-it’, crooked types.  Those kind who have received a sentence from Her Majesty’s most finest, should be clapped in irons and be forced to compete.  Those who abide by the law of the land have nothing to fear… yet!

‘Big Brother’s National Conscription’, yes, that’s another reality TV show and instead of getting them to sit around in an over-sized bedroom complaining about how someone else has called them a ‘bitch’, they compete against one other in the same predicament by completing several tasks not too dissimilar from what the real army folk do. Shit…! as I write this though I have suddenly remembered that there was  something like this called ‘Bad Lads Dad’s Army,’ so I am obligated to update my idea… So, you know the Japanese movie Battle Royale? where a class of students are forced into killing each other off, well lets bring that to the TV executive table.  Come on, there are much worse things on TV these days than a reality TV show about juvenile delinquents whose head could be blown off at any second… who’s seen True Blood?

So how would it work? If they committed a crime they serve out their sentence on the TV show, which of course will be shown live on E4, 24 hours a day.  Rather than costing the taxpayer money to keep them inside a prison for their duration, money will come in for advertisers, (prisoners could be made to sell different products too as part of their punishment. A kleptomaniac would be made to sell padlocks; a murderer – life insurance etc ).  They will train like soldiers, be treated like soldiers, and at a time when military spending is being reduced, it won’t cut into the defence budget because the revenue will come from advertisers.  It will teach those involved practical and linguistic skills as well as team skills, structure etc, and if they still misbehave their head gets blown off.  This could be an end of season finale where two souls get to battle it out to have their record cleared.

There could be one or two downsides, like seeing your son’s head pop off at any moment, but at least he would have gone out doing what all teenagers want to do, being on television displaying no discernible talent whatsoever.  Morals reasons… meh, society has done far worse things, like allow  taxpayer money (not mine, I live abroad!) to go to the Queen’s 60th jubilee celebrations.

Will this work, you bet your arse it wouldn’t because Britain is a (fairly) liberal society that (apparently) deplores sadistic violence, though the number of viewers of Sky News seem to rise year-on-year (honestly), but it could make a good movie, any takers?

The Rabbit and the Turtle Tories

With the General Election all done and dusted, but without an overall ‘winner’, David Cameron and his Tory party must seek to make an alliance with Liberal Democrats.  The surprising failure of the Lib Dem’s to secure more seats coupled with Labour‘s surprise at remaining in the election has led to the Conservatives looking for so-called potential friends to give them an outright majority. So what went wrong for the Tories and Cameron’s Cons?

A few months ago the Conservatives seemed a shoe in for Number 10.  Gordon Brown was seen as an unapproachable giant who happened to be stood in front of a handful of cabinet ministers who were just waiting for their P45’s to come through the letterbox. In the leadership debates that took the country by storm we were swept up in Nick Clegg‘s hurricane.  The Conservatives were thunderstruck, so to try and claw back some votes David Cameron began by introducing radical new policies left, right and centre to try and lure in extra votes.  Think back to Tony Blair‘s last minute introduction of 24hour drinking just before an election.  But it’s all well and good introducing new policies such as a complete overhaul of the watering system or plans to introduce the fastest internet in Europe, apparently creating over 600,000 jobs, but realistically there are so many proposals to consider that they would have to pass through several bills a week to get up to speed with what was said in their manifesto.  Understandably you have to make changes if you are the succeeding government or else what makes you any different, but at the same time you don’t necessarily want to shoot yourselves in the foot too.

The reason why the Conservatives didn’t do as well as expected is simply because people today have more understanding on how politicians promise one thing, but fail to deliver another.  And no matter what MPs think, people read newspapers and listen to the news, so they understand that when a politicial party sets its bar very high it has a very difficult time trying to jump over it.